The ultimate Mediterranean Diet Cookbook: 600 easy, super tasty recipes to start and maintain a healty lifestyle

Do you want to maintain your body stronger and in shape, feel awesome and look wonderful while being satisfied by the food you eat? Would you like to be excited by the amazing mediterranean scents?You are in the right place! This Cookbook covers 600 mouth-watering and easy to make recipes that will make you enjoy every meal without damaging your health!Bring the Mediterranean flavours -  from Spain and Portugal to Italy, Greece and Morocco - to your kitchen with this 600 recipes cookbook, and you'll never miss any of the most important recipes of the whole Mediterranean world. This extended cookbook follows directly the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid. Extended chapters are devoted to Beans and Seafood, and every recipe is easy enough to be made during the everyday busy life, using ingredients from your local grocery store.People who follow the Mediterranean diet are known to have longer life expectancy and lower rates of chronic diseases, at the point that the Dietary Guidelines for Americans point to the Mediterranean diet as an example of a healthy-eating plan.The Mediterranean Diet is all about enjoy delicius but healty food, and in this book you'll find recipes such as:Super tasty Greek salads -salad time will never be a sad time anymore!Incredible vegetable dishes - that will make you wondering how you'd missed those recipes till now.Amazing soups - that will make the winter your favourite food season.Tasty breakfast ideas - that will make you wake up with a smile even on mondays!Main dishes including meat, pultry, seafood, pasta, pizza, beans, rice and grains - that will make you definitively fall in love with the diet...Beautiful desserts - that will make your mouth water for days!And many, many more!Additionally, you will also find:A 7 Days detailed meal plan to help you start with the diet;A detailed description dedicated to let you know well the diet;A chapter all about what you have to do in order to succeed in losing weight using the diet.Do yourself a big favour and buy now a copy of The ultimate Mediterranean Diet Cookbook to see how it can help you lose weight and feel great while still eating with the smile on your face!

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Book Title: The ultimate Mediterranean Diet Cookbook: 600 easy, super tasty recipes to start and maintain a healty lifestyle

Book Author: Anna Martin

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