Class Not Registered Run Time Error 2147221164 80040154 In Microsoft

Class Not Registered Run-time Error -2147221164 (80040154) in Microsoft ....

Microsoft Access runtime error: Class Not Registered Run-time Error -2147221164 (80040154).

Run-time error -2147221164 (80040154) Class not registered - Microsoft ….

Mar 14, 2022 . I applied this tutorial for using .Net in Micrsoft Office, I used Visual Studio 2022 Current and .Net Framework 4.7.2 and Microsoft Access 2016 I didn't see Intellisense when writing code, and when I execute I get the error: Class not registerd. Help button take me to this link I re-installed Office and repaired the system using the sfc command.

VBA Runtime error '-2147221164 (80040154)': class not Registered.

Feb 24, 2021 . I developed a class library in Visual Studio 2019 using the .NET framework. Before building the project, I registered the.dll file to interop COM, and this process gave me a ....

"Class Not Registered" Run-time Error '-2147221164 (80040154)'.

Mar 09, 2022 . According to my research, I'm sorry, but I haven't found out the cause of "Run-time Error'-2147221164 (80040154)", which may be caused by many factors. Therefore, for your situation, you can try the suggestions on the following website and get help by browsing the website. For details, please click here . Unfortunately, I am not an expert in code..

VBAランタイムエラー-2147221164(80040154)クラスが登録さ ….

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Programmatic Access To Visual Basic Project Is Not Trusted.

Sep 03, 2014 . Its very easy to do this in Python using the pywin32 module by Mark Hammond.. What the above post by @user2140173 does actually is to change some registry values. This can be programmatically accomplished by the pywin32 module as follows:. import win32api import win32con key = win32api.RegOpenKeyEx(win32con.HKEY_CURRENT_USER, ....